Fonsie Mealy Auctioneers The Collectors' Sale March 3rd 2021 6 1 Hogan (Desmond) The Diamonds at the Bottom of the Sea & other Stories, L. 1979; The Ikon Maker, N.Y. 1979; The Leaves of Grey, L. 1980; Children of Lir, L. 1981; A Curious Street, L. 1984, Second Impression; A New Shirt, L. 1986 With long m/ss note on title; Lebanon Lodge, L. 1988; Larks Eggs, D. 2005 mostly First Edns., all Signed except last two items, all orig. ptd. d.w.s. (8) €120 - 140 2 Signed by the Author Doyle (Roddy) The Woman Who Walked into Doors, 8vo, L. (Jonathan Cape) 1996, Signed, cloth & d.j.; Paula Spencer, 8vo L. (Jonathan Cape) 2006, Signed, cloth & d.j.; Jordan (Neil) Sunrise with Sea Monster, 8vo L. (Chatto &Windus) 1996, Signed, cloth & d.j. (3) €80 - 100 3 Moore (Brian) Black Robe, 8vo, L. (Jonathan Cape) 1985, Signed, cloth and d.j.; Deane (Seamus) Reading in the Dark, 8vo, L. (Jonathan Cape) 1996, Signed, cloth and d.j.; Plunkett (James) Strumpet City, 8vo, L. (Hutchinson) 1969 (Reprint) cloth and d.j. (3) €80 - 100